PBJ Outreach

Outreach Opportunity: Help the Homeless
PBJ Outreach needs Mt. Hope adults, teens and kids to come
and help distribute clothes to Detroit’s homeless community
on Saturday, February 11. Meet at the church at 7:30 am,
we’ll drive down to Detroit, help out and be back by
10:00 am.. It’s safe, eye-opening and a great way to serve
others for Christ.

Mission of the Month: Indian Trails


For more than 40 years Indian Trails has been providing spiritual and practical ministry to Native American Indians in the Americas including the southwest and in Mexico. This outreach was founded by Dr. Thomas and Sharon Gossett and is a missions partner  of the NACCC.  The mission of Indian Trails is to share God’s redemptive love and compassion with the Indian people. Programs such as Babylink assures newborns will receive a layette kit provided by Indian Trails. An Elderlink program provides a vital outreach to the elderly. A hunger program provides temporary assistance and the word of God to those in need. Indian Trails provides regular support to indigenous ministers who minister to their people. Programs include: Indian Reservation Ministries, Mexico Missions, Children’s Programs, Bilingual Mission Food Bank, Music Ministry, Puppet Ministry, Naco Training Center provides Systematic Bible Training for young people entering the Ministry . To find out more or to give support go to www.indiantrails.net.  If you would like to send a package:  3749 S. Encinas,  Box 890,  Naco, AZ 85620-0890