hope.jpgMt. Hope Congregational Church is a member of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, located in beautiful Livonia, Michigan. We proudly proclaim the Word of Christ and celebrate His name in all we do. We find our heritage among those Pilgrim Separatist followers of Jesus who, during the era of the English Reformation, sought a pure and simple way of following Jesus and being His Church.

We are essentially Non-Denominational in today’s terms, but we have a rooted history that gives us deep insight into the simple path, the pilgrim path, The Congregational Way.

Henry Dexter, speaking of the Congregational Way and writing in 1865 wrote, “Congregationalism has no rituals, no ceremonies, no book of discipline – nothing but the Bible in hand, the Spirit in the heart, and Christ overhead. That is all. It’s prayers, its songs, its sermons, all get their vitality from the Bible, as the seed out of which they grow; from the Holy Spirit, as the influence that makes them grow; from the Saviour as the Good Master, under whose eye, and to please whose heart, and promote whose cause, all is done.” (Congregationalism: What it is, Whence it is, and How it Works. Nichols & Noyes, Boston, 1865)

We are a people who gather together around an open Bible, with hearts full of the Holy Spirit, to follow Jesus together as we make Him known through mission, fellowship, and worship. There is always room for more among us.

Mt. Hope is well-known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere, and whether you’re single, married, or retired, when you are here you are part of our family.  We are a people of the Great Commandment. We enjoy a family atmosphere where members and guests alike are welcomed with open arms. We are a people of the Great Commission. We support local outreach, regional mission, and Global Evangelism. We are people of the Word!

Mt. Hope is located at 30330 Schoolcraft Road (between Middlebelt and Merriman) in Livonia, Michigan. We hold regular Sunday morning services (9:30am in the summer, and 10:30am during the school year) as well as Bible studies, youth groups, and Sunday Schools. You are welcome to join us and you will be authentically welcomed!

Our Vision Statement

Our mission at Mt. Hope is to love God, to love one another, and to welcome all people into our fellowship. Our purpose is to worship Jesus, the Christ, and to make disciples of all who will follow Him. We are a people of ancient faith living in a modern world, hoping to inspire faith in others through our words, our actions, our prayers and our love.

Rev. Dr. Chris Surber, D.Min.


Both Pastor Chris and his wife Christina are former Marines. He has served churches in Florida, Virginia, and Illinois. He is the Executive Director and co-founder, along with his wife Christina, of Supply and Multiply, a ministry in Montrouis, Haiti. His degrees are from Liberty University, Liberty Theological Seminary, and Temple Baptist Seminary. (B.S., M.A.R., M.Div. D.Min.)

Mt. Hope Church Staff

The Congregational Way – Heritage Sunday 2018 – Pastor Chris


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Steve, traveling for work in Alabama and pulled up the Mt. Hope Web site. Your audio sermons are wonderful, next best thing to being there…..thank you. John Hunter

  2. listened this morning to Pastor Steve and I can smell the santuary and see all my old friends sitting around me as tears are coming down my face. Thank you for your wonderful word this morning. I miss you ALL so much.
    Jennifer Wingo

  3. I was wondering why you do not have a doctrinal statement on your website and if you could send me it via email, please.

  4. To Whom it May Concern, I have six grave sites in the Parkview Cemetery in Livonia, and I have no family left in that area, and I have moved across state. I would like to sell them or possibly donate to a specific situation. They are in Block “C”, section 554, graves 1,2,3,4,5,6. I am asking $500.00 each, or $2,500 for all six. I can be contacted at (231) 869-8641, or my cell (734)-395-7575. Thank you, Sue Bainton, P.O. Box 933, 284 E. Lowell St., Pentwater, MI 49449

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